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From MyAja Cookies Instagram

by - Sabtu, Ogos 11, 2018

All our cookies are all time favourites🍪. Want to try the most favourite cookies of MyAja Cookies? The taste of cookies sure will make you Tummy and taste buds says 💯😘😘Serious SUMPAH tak tipu! These cookies are also available for any gift / souvenir packaging for your event🎁. But please don't expect our premium cookies and our premium packaging comes with the price of RM1 per pack😅. Like seriously RM1.00? Biskut timbang pasar malam ikat getah pun peniaga caj RM2.00, ni pula homemade cookies dengan premium ingredients plus kotak custom siap ada custom design designed by degree holder in art & design nak caj RM1.00? Come on, boleh fikir sendiri kan? How to order ? Whatsapp 01165128484 and we will get you shortly. #cookiessedap#browniessedap#deliciouscookies#premiumcookies#premiumgift#doorgiftkahwin#majlisaqiqah#majlisperkahwinan#majliscukurjambul via Instagram

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