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* 1-2 weeks in advance for a small quantity; and
* 4-5 weeks in advance for a large quantity.
* 6 weeks in advance for customized Door Gift with printing Job.
* We do not entertain last minute order;


* Please feel free to chat with us via Whatsapp application for detail prices & quotation. OR

* You may drop an email OR

* PM us via Facebook Pages.

* 50% deposit must be made upon confirmation of order to our Maybank or CIMB account via deposit at ATM/online transfer while the remaining 50% balance shall be paid on the pickup day/delivery day.

* All orders shall be processed once deposit has been made.

* Please notify us via sms/WhatsApp after payment has been made.

* We shall not refund any deposit, should there is any cancellation.


* Minimum order for custom sticker design and printing is 132 pieces.

* All custom stickers design and printing service will be charged a flat rate of RM0.60/pc regardless of quantity.

* Please provide a draft design for your sticker complete with accurate and concise description (colour, font, wording, and additional image). The draft then will be sent to our sticker designer.

* The designer then will provide two sets of sticker design (watermarked with MyAja Cookies logo) based on the draft submitted. Please choose one only.

* Any alteration or amendment to the said sticker design; shall be limited to a maximum of 3 times only. Any subsequent alteration/amendment beyond three times with be charged accordingly based on designer's request.

* MyAja Cookies reserve the creative rights of all artworks and may use the said artworks for promotional purpose. However, the artwork can be purchased at a premium price, and the artwork is yours.

* MyAja Cookies reserve the right to refuse any custom sticker and printing request which contains nudity or otherwise against public decency contains incitement to violence against person or property, counsels disobedience to the Malaysian law or to lead to a breach of the peace or to promote feelings of the ill-will, hostility, enmity, disharmony or disunity.


*Delivery charges will be on a calculation per kilometre (one way) per order from starting checkpoint UKM (2.9197° N, 101.7814° E) to agreed delivery address. The charges will be RM2.00 per kilometre. Please refer to post for more details