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Afghan Walnut Nutella Cookies

RM 30.00

Newest addition to MyAja Cookies family and a best seller too.  A true premium tier of Afghan cookie with the inclusion of Walnut and Nutella in the recipe.

We offer a generous coating of Nutella and  freshly baked and Walnut in each and every Afghan cookies. Every single Afghan Walnut Nutella Cookie is an adventure in your mouth.

Product Information

Two options to choose from: 

1. 540g ( around 40 -43 pcs of Afghan Walnut Nutella Cookies)

2. 330g (around 24 -26 pcs of Afghan Walnut Nutella Cookies)


  • Premium Butter
  • Sugar
  • Premium Cocoa Powder
  • Cornflakes
  • Premium Wheat Flour
  • Walnut