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Bakul Terlajak Cantik MyAja Cookies (Mini Version)

RM 79.00

MyAja Cookies is offering a gorgeous gift set suitable for your love ones. This magnificent basket consists of our best selling products at a reasonable price compared with our best selling BTC. You can personalize it with our either gold or white ribbons, and even better we can slip a personalized gift card (with a small fee of course) to your love ones.

Celebrate with your love ones with this premium yet exclusive 'Bakul Terlajak Cantik MyAja Cookies' and saviour the deliciousness of our bestselling and delicious products

NOTE: This is a pre-order item. Please allow 2 days for processing and preparation before delivery

Please indicate GOLD WHITE ribbons for the decoration in the remark section during check out

Product Information

  • A choice of 2 out 3 cookies below
  • MyAja Cookies Almond Chocolate Chip (245 gram)
  • MyAja Cookies Almond Almond London (220 gram)
  • MyAja Cookies Afghan Walnut Nutella Cookie (280 gram)
  • Straw Folding Basket (Size M)
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Gold or White Ribbon
  • Personalized Gift Card (optional)
  • Ferrero Rocher (optional)
  • Love & Care